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Cardiologist Dr. Gregory Lam: DeWine Undermines Doctors, Endangers Ohioans’ Health Care

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Dr. Gregory Lam is a cardiologist in Circleville, where he has served Southern Ohio for the past 9 years. He received his medical degree from the University of Rochester and performed his medical training at the Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Lam has sought to reduce health inequities on local and national levels, and to raise awareness of health care disparities for disadvantaged populations.

By Dr. Gregory Lam

On his very first day in office, Attorney General Mike DeWine sued to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Conservative attorneys, led by DeWine, then spent years using taxpayer money to oppose legislation that protected the health of Ohioans. Thankfully, Mike DeWine failed, and as a result, millions more Ohioans received health care coverage, 700,000 additional people were covered by Medicaid, and patients with pre-existing conditions were protected from unscrupulous insurance companies who sought to reject them simply because they were “unprofitable.”

The ACA guarantees that health insurance companies cannot pick and choose their most profitable patients. As a cardiologist, I believe that no Ohioan should be denied necessary coverage or be charged staggering insurance premiums because of a pre-existing condition – which can include anything from cancer to acne.

Nearly five million Ohioans – more than half of us – live with at least one pre-existing condition. Of those, more than 600,000 are children and 1.2 million are seniors. Stripping away these protections would threaten their ability to access health care, allowing insurance companies to kick them off their plans or drive up their premiums.

Now in a heated election, DeWine says he will stand up for the health of Ohioans whose votes he is seeking. Yet he has taken millions of dollars in campaign contributions from drug and health insurance companies. Why? Because these corporations know that when push comes to shove, DeWine will stand with them over you. Words are cheap, especially coming from a career politician in an election year.  His pre-campaign lawsuits show that we cannot trust him.

DeWine is counting on Ohioans to forget his years of undermining what I and other doctors across Ohio work for every day – the health of our patients. Our families cannot afford a governor who tries to take health care away, and then lies about it when it is time to run for office again.  We need a governor who will work to expand healthcare coverage throughout Ohio.

Richard Cordray would be that governor. Cordray has consistently supported the Affordable Care Act, and as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau he stopped and punished companies that exploited people. He has spent his career standing up for our rights, and he will for will continue to fight for us by preventing companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions.

Cordray will improve Ohioans’ health by increasing investment in preventative care, expanding the healthcare workforce, and increasing access to quality health services in rural areas. He will continue working for a future when all Ohioans can access affordable health care.

Ohioans need a governor who will stand up for us. Ohioans need Richard Cordray.

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