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Published on November 5th, 2018 | by Ryan Michael


Who is Mike Hot-Pence? An Explainer

Who is Mike Hot-Pence?

You may have seen the New York-based impersonator of Vice President and former Indiana governor Mike Pence in Times Square, on the streets of Columbus for a dance party or in his rounds of national media coverage. He bears a striking resemblance to the real Pence, except with much, much better legs.

Hot-Pence has pilloried the VP for his anti-LGBTQ politics and bigoted rhetoric time and again, including in a recent video with Swing States Voices pointing out just how similar Pence is to Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine.

He uses his striking physical resemblance to the Vice President and combines it with an outfit you’d never catch Pence in — a navy suit jacket, red power tie and blue short-shorts from Hot-Pence’s high school gym classes. Hot-Pence, a gay man, often wears this get-up to Times Square where he collects money for several charities — Planned Parenthood, campaigns to end gun violence, fundraising on behalf of progressive candidates, shelters and aid for LGBTQ youth and too many others to count. He even came down to Ohio in the outfit to greet the real Pence with a massive dance party in the streets of Columbus.

You can follow Hot-Pence on Twitter — his handle is @MikeHotPence — or check out his page on Facebook to stay updated with his future endeavors and parodies of our uptight and regressive Vice President.

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