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10 Posts That Prove Ohio Republicans Would Rather ‘Slack Off’ Than Do Their Jobs

Last weekend, Ohio’s Republican-dominated legislature failed to pass a 2-year budget plan by the July 1 deadline. Today, we still don’t have a budget and the lawmakers and leaders who are responsible (including Governor Mike DeWine) decided it was a great time to go out on a fishing trip yesterday.

Ohio lawmakers haven’t missed a budget deadline since 2009. Before that, it hasn’t happened since 1991. In both previous instances, the state was experiencing deep recessions and two-party control of the Statehouse. Today, Republicans control all three branches of Ohio’s government and have a $2 billion surplus to work with. There is no excuse for their unprecedented failure as a legislature.

Though our “leaders” embarrassed our state, wasted taxpayer dollars, violated the constitution, and deprived families and communities of necessary resources, at least we get to see their vacation photos!

Governor Mike DeWine brought his whole family to celebrate Ohio Republicans’ failure to pass a budget!


This is the 40th consecutive Fish Ohio Day that the Governor and Legislators have participated in to promote Lake Erie…

Posted by Mike DeWine on Tuesday, July 2, 2019


We are fishing this morning with Captain Jerry Coolidge. He is this year’s Lake Erie Charter Boat Association’s Captain…

Posted by Mike DeWine on Tuesday, July 2, 2019


The fish are biting this morning on Lake Erie! #ohiofindithere

Posted by Mike DeWine on Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Gov. DeWine and his family weren’t alone; State Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-District 2) was thrilled to take a vacation while most Ohioans were at work (and her work remained unfinished)!

Rep. Haraz Ghanbari (R-District 3) and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted threw on some shades and had a great time neglecting their responsibilities!

Hashtags like #OHBudgetFail and #AllPlayNoWork lit up during the Republicans’ fishing trip. Apparently, even regular Ohioans and anons on Twitter care more about the budget than our GOP lawmakers.

If you think Ohio Republicans should put down their fishing poles and finally pass a (late) budget, send an email to Gov. Mike DeWine and tell him to do his job by calling lawmakers back to the Statehouse so they can do theirs.

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