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Published on November 1st, 2018 | by Ryan Michael


Steve Stivers continues to defend anti-Semitic Soros dogwhistle ads

Steve Stivers, the Republican representative to Congress in OH-15, has continued a shameful campaign of anti-Semitic ads in recent weeks despite a hideous campaign of right-wing political violence that led to the murder of 11 worshipers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and pipe bombs being sent to multiple prominent politicians and media members.

Stivers, who is also the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, appeared on Meet the Press recently to defend an ad created by an arm of that committee — one in which Jewish billionaire and left-leaning financier George Soros is depicted sitting behind a large pile of cash. This imagery, that tying Jewish people to a hoarding of wealth, political manipulation and other trickery, is common of anti-Semitic messages and has been for centuries.

“That [Soros] ad is factual. And it also has nothing to do with calling for violence. That ad is a factual ad,” Stivers said on Sunday, less than a day after 11 Jewish people were murdered in Pittsburgh and less than a week after pipe bombs were mailed to Soros’ home.

This is, of course, pure political positioning from Stivers. Similarly, he went out of his way to throw Iowa Congressman Steve King under the bus (justifiably, so, even if Stivers’ motivations are disingenuous) for his anti-Semitic and racist connections to far-right neo-Nazi European publications. Stivers, who said he “could not stay silent” on King any longer, has also overseen dozens of other racist or anti-Semitic ads backing GOP politicians in his role as the NRCC head.

Stivers was recently in a voters’ forum with his Democratic challenger and gay man Rick Neal, who slammed the incumbent for his horrendous track record on LGBTQ rights during his eight years in Congress.

Let’s be clear — Stivers does not care about bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, gay rights or any other issues that isn’t Keeping Steve Stivers in Political Office. He is a single-issue politician and that issue is benefiting himself and staying in power.

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One Response to Steve Stivers continues to defend anti-Semitic Soros dogwhistle ads

  1. martin mcvicar says:

    it is amazing that the ohio democratic committees have not pounded stivers on his antisemitism – the defense of all antisemitic ads, he has never gone after democratic (Christian) donors in the same way.
    What is wrong with ohio

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