Meet The Advisor:

Cassie Burr

AllVoices benefits from valuable relationships with trusted advisors, each impactful in their field. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the diverse group of mission-driven people working on compelling problems who provide powerful insight into AllVoices’ growth. 

For the next interview of our Meet the Advisors Series, please meet Cassie Burr, Talent Partner at VMG Partners, and Executive Director of the Women On Boards Project

1. What excites you most about AllVoices?

As a woman, I’m grateful that I have more opportunities today than my mom or grandmothers before me.  But there is so much more progress to be made… for women, for people of color, for the LBGTQIA+ community, for the disabled community and especially for communities at the intersection of these demographics.  We’re kidding ourselves if we don’t recognize that on a daily (sometimes hourly basis) some employees are navigating microaggressions, bigotry, misgendering, bias, or worse, harassment or assault.  Until AllVoices, there’s no easy solution for identifying those events and working to solve them.  AllVoices gives employees a voice to safely report these issues to their employers, hopefully before turnover, bad Glassdoor reviews or lawsuits. 

2. How have you seen the media conversation around employee reporting evolve over the past 3-5 years?

The media attention is giving employees a long overdue and much needed platform for raising awareness of systemic inequities.  Personally, I’m really excited to see how that attention is encouraging companies to raise the bar.  But not ALL employees can speak up.  And we need tools like AllVoices to give that population a voice.   

3. From your perspective, why would organizations use a tool like AllVoices?

Even the best intentioned organizations can’t 100% avoid hiring bad actors.  And those bad actors can fester and infect an organization, sometimes without leadership ever knowing it.  AllVoices gives employees a voice, confidentially.  It’s one thing to report the issue.  But, importantly, AllVoices takes it further – giving employers tools to identify problems, deploy solutions and get real-time feedback from employees to see if the issue has been fixed.

Meet The Advisors

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